Hey! My name is Grace & I'm a fiance' 

You've been dreaming of this moment and its finally here!  
We will listen to exactly what you want your night to be like & use our expertise in material and stitching to make it happen!
Do you want to dance all night in one Gown?

 Or will you have a wardrobe change to make second appearance?
Do you want something that hugs your shape?
Something that flows like a river when you walk?

Or flutters like a butterfly when you spin?
Well first you can have fun Designing your own dress with the Free Apps or Online Wedding Dress Builders. Trial and Error gets us where we are going! 
You should also consider asking yourself key information such as:
How long will I be wearing the Dress?
Will I wear the dress again?
How are my dance skills? 
Will I be "Dropping it Like It's Hot" in my dress?
Where will I be dancing in my dress? What kinf of Surface?
How Long of a Tail is too Long?
Do I want my Tail to Clip to the Dress or to my Finger Princess Style?
Why Not White?
Why not Lace?
Do I want my great-grandmother to see how Sexy I am?
Will I have help getting in and out of my dress?
How much time do I have? If your wedding is in four weeks we do not advice on custom making a dress with Sweethearts Unlimited. 
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