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I believe in community.
I believe in quality.
I believe in You.
            & I believe in what we can do together!

Sweethearts Unlimited offers services that gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about you and your childs style, what you don't like and what makes your request just that little bit special.

Take a moment to explore now! 

~Welcome to Sweethearts Unlimited ~​​
Leticia "Joy" Vasquez
Founder of Sweethearts Unlimited

Most of you know me as LT, some know me as Letty, new  clients know me as Joy ; everyone knows me as a Sweetheart! I have made my name in quality assurance and customer service in every industry I have met. For years I have recruited Sweethearts with like minded ambitions and initiative and helped them on my own dime to elevate them in their field and ensure their quality of life and dreams are met.
I've decided to put a team of Sweethearts together to make your Special day more Joyous!

Although  I have ten years experience  in International Rentals, Sales, and Shipping & Receiving. I continue my education constantly to stay up to speed on technology, new softwares, marketing and data analytics that help me excel. I have more energy than time and it seems to compensate. I honestly believe there is nothing we can not do if we elevate each other up! 
Our Potential is unlimited,  Sweethearts!
Sweethearts Unlimited!

With teamwork & collaboration I have decided to enrich our Communities one Family at a time.

My goal is to be a part of your wedding, your home search, your baby shower, yout interior design, promoting your career and family wellness, birthday parties,  and corporate events and in reality its all possible! its all part of personally designing your world and finding someone you can trust to save you money while doing it. 
Catering  Services
The Dress!
Classy & Functional Shoes!
Family Owned
Establishments now offering Catering

This is the most exciting time!

Sweethearts Unlimited 


A Classy Functional Wedding Shoe!

Gorgeous Affordable Dresses 

I love to make princess gowns and formal wear! 

At Sweethearts Unlimited we prefer to discuss the fabrics being used for your project to ensure the best outcome, we will be more than happy to advice and help with the materials you already own or have in your possession! I found that once I no longer fit my dresses they were very easy to cut down to my daughters size! I will be more than happy to do the same for you. You can bring your own dress  and within no time we alter it right down to your childs size or we can create the dream dress!
​We have begun gathering the fabric to begin production for the dresses in my Signature 1950's Patterns! All dresses willbe available in Toddler, Childrens and Adult sizes and made specifically to match the PoppingCandy "SugarPop" Collection! 
 A few of Houston's Best kept secret spots are now available to cater to you & your event! Thats right!! In order to continue to build our community here in Houston back up they will be offering catering menues as well as a dine in discount for mentioning our owner "Joy"!!

As Sweethearts Unlimited gets approval on new offers, we  will continue to pass  savings on to our Community! 

News flash! they want PHO! or Real Italian Pizza! at your next corporate meeting! Mention "Joy" for 10% off your order today! See our Catering page for participating locations.

Original Gifts
Interior Design, Drapes & 
Costume Services!
Ofcoarse, for Adults too!
Beautiful custom Gifts made to keep for Generations to come
Its never too late to fill your home with all things that spark Joy
Custom Costumes
for the Performing Arts
& Outgoing Characters
Wither your moving to a new Office Building, Home and starting your family, or simply ready to be happier in your own sourroundings its never to late to sourround yourself with all things that spark Joy.

Sweethearts Unlimited would love to help. Please do not hesitate to give us a call. There is no budget too small witht the right amount of time and teamwork.
Everyone knows the tragedy our City has been through in the last few years. Our landfills can not afford anything that doesn't abolutly need to be there. Here at Sweethearts Unlimited we only offer gifts we expect to be cherished for generations to come. 

Our projects can not be completed in a day. Your custom items take collaboration to be made. Please give yourself plenty of time to get the order together, shipped in, checked for quality prior to being delivered. 

We look forward to helping with your corporate event, shower, party or even family reunion! Our strategic uniform &  apparel design can benefit any Houstonian, call today!

Our goal is simply to get the costume of your dreams made in time for your event and ensure it is comfortable enough to perform with a real Smile on your face! Although here at Sweethearts Unlimited we prefer to discuss the fabrics being used for your project to ensure the best outcome, we will be more than happy to advice and help with the materials you already own or have in your possession.

With information on your project, a Profile picture, and your size Sweethearts Unlimited will provide free Quote to give you an idea of what it will cost to produce your Idea! Doing this takes time, time you may not have. I am in the fabric store anyway let me do the work for you. Lets get creating!