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Sweethearts Unlimited gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about you and your childs style, what you don't like and what makes your child just that little bit special. There are alteration companies  out there for everyone, Sweethearts Unlimited is for those who want to walk in and simply feel they would never be able to afford it! We are a small  company in Houston, Tx and due to the nature of our services we do not make house visits. We would love to help make you a special outfit, a dress or even a costume! Give us a call today 713-299-1154!
~Welcome to Sweethearts Unlimited ~​​
“The best things in Life are Free. The second Best are very expensive." CoCo Chanel

"The Best things in life are hand made with love. It takes more time than money and very sore fingers."
Leticia "Joy" Vasquez Founder of Sweethearts Unlimited
Costume Services!
Ofcoarse, for Adults too!
Dress Up!
Classic Style & Matching Shoes!
Custom Costumes for the Performing Arts & Outgoing Individual Characters

This is the most exciting time!

Sweethearts Unlimited 
will be selling 

For now enjoy what shoes &  styles are coming available here  in Houston, Tx! Give us a call and we will let you know the closest location you can pick them up at and when! Preorder today on my Sweethearts Unlimited Facebook Page! If you see something you like on the Popping Candy websites simply let me know. I need your inquiries and input; with enough demands I will stock it! I have begun gathering the fabric to make the matching dresses in my Signature 1950's Patterns!

Gorgeous Affordable Dresses Made from Used Materials

I found that once I no longer fit my dresses they were very easy to cut down to my daughters size! I will be more than happy to do the same for you. You can bring your own dress  and within no time we alter it right down to your childs size. 

Wanting to be Extreme or Extremly beautiful should also be appreciated. I love to make princess gowns and formal wear for Toddlers, Children and Young Adults For a quarter of the cost! I use used Dresses and cut them to size!
Although here at Sweethearts Unlimited we prefer to discuss the fabrics being used for your project to ensure the best outcome, we will be more than happy to advice and help with the materials you already own or have in your possession! Our goal is simply to get the costume of your dreams made in time for your event and ensure it is comfortable enough to perform with a real Smile on your face!